Want To Take Your Live Sound Skills To The Next Level?

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What Would Help Take Your Live Sound Skills To The Next Level?

Master EQ & Compression!

Discover how to quickly design master EQ and compression with our new free eBook, "The EQ and Compression Formula". Inside we'll teach you the secrets to using and understanding EQ and Compression like never before!

Take It To The Next Level!

Our new Sound Guy Essentials course will give you a complete foundation to run sound confidently in your church. It doesn't matter your experience level or the gear you're working with. We'll teach you how to craft your own unique "mixing philosophy" to get great results any time you step behind the mixing board.

Master Your X-32!

If your church runs a Behringer X-32 or Midas M-32, our new X-32 Masterclass course is for you. We cover every feature of the console and show you the secret tips, tricks, and workflows that will make your mixes great.

We believe that having great live sound at your church should be easy!

Johnny & Matt, co-founders of Worship Sound Guy

Have you ever tried to create powerful, engaging mixes for your church?

I mean a truly captivating mix that sound professional, polished, and clean.


Then I know you've probably felt like we used to.. 

Frustrated, overwhelmed, feeling like your mixes just don't measure up.

Running sound for a church is amazing.. but creating a truly great mix can be close to rocket-science.

That's why we created Worship Sound Guy Courses, a series of practical, real-world training materials for church sound guys.

Inside you'll find all the information and resources you'll need to make great mixes every Sunday using the gear you already own.

Sound Guy Essentials is our flagship course that will take your live sound skills from zero to hero. 

Inside we cover everything from the basics like using EQ, Compression, Effects, & setting up your console to advanced techniques like parallel compression, creating great monitor mixes for your musicians and advanced routing setups. 

And that's just the beginning!

Our mission is to help you become the sound guy your church deserves.

That's why we do what we do. It's all about you.

Our brand new "The EQ and Compression Formula" eBook is a great way to get started!

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